Patagonia River Guides approach to pleasing is distinct and unlike any other operation.

 The Patagonia River Guides experience is a blend of exciting fishing, unreal scenery, interesting foods, and great service.  It is our desire to share an authentic Argentine experience with you while not allowing the “mañana culture” to influence your trip in any way.  We work hard – a year out – to ensure that your trip is well prepared and executed, and so that we can deliver the highest quality experience. patagonia-family-collage-1

To fully enjoy the Patagonia River Guides experience we encourage our guests to look around and explore the culture, drink mate, learn a few Spanish words, laugh a lot and find out what Patagonia is all about.  Our guides are fun to be with, local experts, and proud to share their beautiful country with you – the type of guides you want to fish with.  Anglers come to Patagonia for many different reasons but almost all find out that just getting to the rivers offers an incredible experience. It is not uncommon to see gauchos moving cattle and sheep or local farmers working with oxen.  Bizarre birds like pink flamingos, rheas, ibis, parrots, and even condors passing overhead in wide valleys.  Just being in Patagonia is truly a very special part of the trip, and the PRG experience is more than just fishing.patagonia-family-collage-2

Guests that fish with us frequently, know that our company culture, our program, and our approach to pleasing is distinct and unlike any other operation.  Along with beautiful wild trout, we’ll show you fabulous flora and fauna, amazing off-the-beaten path places, introduce you to a warm and welcoming culture, and help you take a break from any stress you might have back home.

At Sweet Waters Adventure, every excursion is customized to your unique requirements.

There are no “canned” adventures. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Once we’ve designed the perfect getaway for you and your family or your fishing buddies, we’ll nail down every detail including pricing options. Your choice of accommodations and activities determine your final costs. We’ll work closely with you to meet your specific requirements and desires. Of course, every adventure varies according to your length of stay, types of activities, and the season.

You’ll be amazed that most of our quotes will be turned around in less than 24 hours. Few other adventure companies can back that claim up with real results. But here’s the most important benefit for you to remember – our services are completely free to our clients. At Sweet Waters Adventure, we have developed contacts around the globe that will offer the lone adventurer, family, or group action-packed days, some of the finest cuisine served up anywhere, and the assurance of comfortable nights. Not to mention enough life-affirming experiences to guarantee a future full of priceless memories. Tell us your dreams. We’ll help them come true.

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