Enjoy the most comprehensive fishing programs with Patagonia River Guides.

Experience the best fly fishing Patagonia Argentina has to offer with Patagonia River Guides. Guests of Patagonia River Guides have the opportunity to enjoy the most comprehensive fishing programs from over ten diverse lodging choices across the three most productive regions of Patagonia, Argentina – Esquel, Rio Pico and San Martin de los Andes. Every trip is customized according to the anglers’ needs and desires, and trips as short as three days or as long as three weeks are easily executed.patagonia-flyfishing-collage-1

The Patagonia River Guides experience is a unique blend of inspiring waters, varied fishing, beautiful scenery, interesting culture, lasting friendships and unrivaled service, complemented by gourmet and regional cuisine, delicious wines and first-class accommodations. There are few places in the world where you can enjoy the diversity and quality of fishing offered in Patagonia, but careful planning and execution are critical to getting the most out of your trip. At Patagonia River Guides, our philosophy to fishing is straightforward: fish the best rivers, at the best times, with the best guides.

On any given day, Patagonia River Guide’s guests could find themselves wading small freestone streams or spring creeks, floating bigger rivers from comfortable rafts or drift boats, stalking fish and sight fishing in gin-clear water or even spending a day in search of fish over ten pounds on our area still waters. Fish size and numbers depend on the type of water and the angler’s skill level, but we are confident that the quality, diversity and unparalleled beauty of our fisheries will not disappoint. Since we have so many options, extended stays are recommended in order to see and experience as much as possible in one, two or all three of our distinct regions.


Rance and Travis cut their teeth fishing and guiding in Montana and have a special understanding of what American guests want and expect.


There are many lodges and quite a few guides in Argentina, but careful planning is needed to make the most of your trip.  Rance and Travis cut their teeth fishing and guiding in Montana and have a special understanding of what American guests want and expect.  They have created a culture and program unlike any other in South America – many say the world – by training and rewarding their guides and employees to the highest level. patagonia-flyfishing-collage-2

Guests that have been repeating for the past decade see the same faces and enjoy long lasting friendships.  Over the years, Patagonia River Guides has learned a great deal about running lodges, kitchens, logistics programs, and fishing programs in Argentina – and we are confident that our lodging, food, and beverage programs are of the highest level possible without sacrificing fishing or making the program pretentious. 

We have more access – both private and public – than any other outfitter in Argentina and can truly fish all the rivers listed on this website while providing state of the art gear, equipment, and trucks to get our guests into places others just can’t.  Finally, Rance and Travis sell and host nearly every trip so that you don’t get sold what they can’t deliver.



At Sweet Waters Adventure, every excursion is customized to your unique requirements.

There are no “canned” adventures. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Once we’ve designed the perfect getaway for you and your family or your fishing buddies, we’ll nail down every detail including pricing options. Your choice of accommodations and activities determine your final costs. We’ll work closely with you to meet your specific requirements and desires. Of course, every adventure varies according to your length of stay, types of activities, and the season.

You’ll be amazed that most of our quotes will be turned around in less than 24 hours. Few other adventure companies can back that claim up with real results. But here’s the most important benefit for you to remember – our services are completely free to our clients. At Sweet Waters Adventure, we have developed contacts around the globe that will offer the lone adventurer, family, or group action-packed days, some of the finest cuisine served up anywhere, and the assurance of comfortable nights. Not to mention enough life-affirming experiences to guarantee a future full of priceless memories. Tell us your dreams. We’ll help them come true.

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