Experience adventure as Hemingway did nearly a century ago.

Experience the unspoiled nature of Spain’s Pyrenees, where crystal clear waters teem with wild trout. The Lodge is right in the middle of Aragón’s Western Pyrenees, considered one of Western Europe’s most pristine locales. You’ll have access to more than 60 rivers—over 2,400 km of wilderness to roam—and 180 lakes all within easy driving distance of our two lodges.

The main lodge is in a 15th century stone building on the banks of the Aragón River.

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The Santa Cilia Lodge is a private fishing getaway, exclusively used by Salvelinus anglers and those accompanying them. The La Ribagorza Lodge is a charming traditional hotel nestled in the Pyrenees, with superb local cuisine. The lodge serves as the main Salvelinus base of operations in the Eastern Pyrenees. Both of our lodges feature comfortable accommodations, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and Spain’s famous Rioja wines.

The menu at the Lodge, featuring fresh and local produce and regional wines, is second to none—and specialty entrees are the chef’s passion.

Santa Cilia itself is a quaint little village of about 200 people and no more than a dozen streets built around a picturesque stone church. The location is strategic for Iván Tarín—the director of the fly fishing operation—because it offers access to several river valleys flowing out of the Pyrenees, putting about 1,300 km of river and 30 lakes within an hour’s scenic drive.

The rooms at La Jacetaniain Lodge, Santa Cilia, are clean, comfortable, and intimate. “What can we say except that guests are always pampered by the level of service provided at the fishing Lodge?” 

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From Santa Cilia, anglers are just a short distance from some of the most spectacular valleys of the Aragónese Pyrenees. Drive through the Canfranc tunnel and you’ll discover the differences characteristic of each side of the spectacular mountain range that separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe.

Less than an hour´s drive from the Lodge you’ll find the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Parks, Western Pyrenees Natural Park, Canyons of Veral, French Pyrenees National Park, Sierra de Guara Natural Park, and the Garcipollera National Hunting Reserve.

Older than the Alps, the Pyrenees offer the adventurous opportunities to experience one of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes in Europe.

The menu at the Lodge, featuring fresh and local produce and regional wines, is second to none—and specialty entrees are the chef’s passion.

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