The region we fish is like no other place on earth. You’ll fish waters that other anglers never reach.

A Personal Tale of True Passion from the Age of Seven

I’m convinced that I was destined to be a fishing guide! When I was seven, I asked for a fly rod even though no one in my family fished. I caught my very first trout on a fly when I was eleven. And, no one taught me; I had no books, no Internet to help me. I just had to figure it out by myself. At 15, I started to sell my hand-tied flies to the different fly shops in the region, and by 18, I was working as a professional guide, taking people to some of the most remote waters of Northern Spain’s beautiful Pyrenees Mountains. In 1999, I founded a guided fishing operation called Salvelinus. We fish and guide places others can only dream of—really remote places that other guides just can’t access.

For me, being a guide is the key to a great fishing trip: spending time on the water with guests, explaining what’s happening on the river, knowing where the fish are, helping guests learn or improve their techniques, and making sure that safety on the water is key to everything we do. Looking for a guided fishing trip? Let me help you.

Being a guide, for me, is so much more than a job—it’s a life-long passion.”

— Iván Tarín, Director


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We fish a whole range of trout waters found at altitudes from 180 to 2,200 meters above sea level.


Here’s what you can hope to hook

• High Mountain Streams—fast riffles & pocket waters that are home to trout between 10 to14 inches long (25 to 36 cm)

• Middle Mountain Streams & lower reaches—studded with pools, flats and runs with trout between 12 to 20 inches long (30 to 50 cm)

• High Mountain Lakes—perfect for sight fishing from the bank for trout between 16 to 22 inches long (40 to 56 cm)

• Tail Waters and Lakes—rich waters where you just might hook the trout of a lifetime


Western Pyrenees Fly Fishing

Forming the northern boundary of Navarre and the province of Huesca, this area is considered one of the most remote regions in Western Europe. Rugged terrain makes getting to many of the trout waters extremely challenging, but well worth the effort. Their very seclusion is their protection. 

The highlight of this package is fly fishing in mountain waters, combined with excellent opportunities in the lower reaches of the Aragón river, in close proximity to the fishing lodge. This guided fishing adventure combines fly fishing in mountain streams, sight fishing in “ibons” (mountain lakes also known as ”tarns” or “corrie lochs”), fishing spring-fed creeks and fishing for trophy brown trout on the middle and lower reaches of rivers in the Western Pyrenees.


Eastern Pyrenees Fly Fishing

The Eastern Pyrenees fishing area covers the east of the province of Huesca in Aragón, the province of Lleida and Girona in Catalonia, and the small independent country of Andorra, offering a wide range of fly fishing waters.

The highlight of this package is fly fishing the lower reaches, combined with some excellent opportunities for trout in the mountain waters of the valleys near the lodge hotel and spa.

This is an all-inclusive fishing trip to the blue ribbon wild trout waters of the Pyrenees with personalized attention from experienced fly fishing guides.

Comfortable accommodation in a small Northeastern village.

Fly fishing opportunities are many and varied. This program can be combined with mountain fishing in streams and “ibons” (tarns or high mountain lakes) from July to September. Sometimes the weather, especially at the beginning or end of the season, may be less than perfect. Still, this should not deter the serious fisherman. Anglers can opt for fishing for above-average size brown trout and rainbows in the lower stretches. Many of the places guests fish in this package are in valleys, several of them catalogued by UNESCO as Protected Natural Areas. Salvelinus’ 4×4 vehicles take the anglers along forestry tracks to arrive as near as possible to prime fishing spots.


The Ultimate Pyrenees Adventure

The Fly Fishing Pyrenees Ultimate Adventure is a guided fly fishing trip in Northern Spain. Every day offers a different area, a new valley, and distinctive waterside accommodations. You’ll cross three regions, different in culture and atmosphere—Navarre, Aragón and Catalonia.On the agenda are nine different fishing spots from amongst 2,500 kilometers of trout waters set against a background of hidden valleys, imposing mountains, abandoned villages, and monasteries and castles from romantic bygone eras.

 “The sheer beauty of the scenery, the incredible local cuisine, the atmosphere at the lodges, the quality of the traditional hotels made this a memorable trip. I would recommend this trip to all those who want to discover and enjoy the Pyrenees: the fishing, the cuisine, the culture and quality of Spanish wines. The climax to a memorable trip was our dinner in a restaurant with views over Barcelona. We sat sipping some of the best wines I have ever tasted.” 

— Corrado Scapini. Varesse. Italy


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Remote alpine lakes inhabited by trout will be a very good option for summer time. From June to September, one day of helicopter fly fishing will be included in the Pyrenees Tour affording the adventurer unforgettable aerial vistas. There are wonderful places to eat and sleep. Enjoy delightful cuisine at outstanding restaurants on the route plus wines from Rioja. Accommodations are available in Paradores (state-owned hotels which generally have a 5 star status) or traditional three and four star country inns, monasteries and exclusive lodges. You will be accompanied by Salvelinus’ Head Guide Iván Tarín.

Start the trip with a night in Pamplona and end it spending one or two nights in Barcelona, to experience some of Spain’s greatest architecture, if you choose. Salvelinus can organize hotel reservations and restaurant bookings in both Barcelona and Pamplona at no additional cost.

At Salvelinus we know that the time you have for fishing is extremely important, so we prepare everything for the most demanding angler.

We know every corner of the Pyrenees in Spain when it comes to fly fishing. Salvelinus can also count on the services of an excellent network of support staff to make your fishing trip a luxury experience. We offer the maximum in fly fishing-related services in the Pyrenees, and is ready and able to put together a trip full of adventure where your satisfaction is our number one priority.


For those seeking that extra something special

• Savor a pork sirloin steak freshly grilled by an expert chef or perhaps a paella accompanied by the finest local wines, at a breathtaking 2,400 meters above sea level. All this after a helicopter flight to the banks of a glacial lake to go sight-fishing for trout

• An entire monastery booked exclusively for your small group with many additional services

• Relaxing post-fishing massages to help unwind and get the maximum rest at night

• Enjoy a made-to-measure tour combining transport in comfortable SUVs plus transfers by helicopter to fish a different valley every day and get the most out of all the angling options available

• Take a fishing break from your Pyrenees adventure for a day in Madrid or Barcelona

• Catch the trophy fish of your dreams in destinations that far exceed your expectations


We fish a whole range of trout waters found at altitudes from 180 to 2,200 meters above sea level.


At Sweet Waters Adventure, every excursion is customized to your unique requirements.

There are no “canned” adventures. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Once we’ve designed the perfect getaway for you and your family or your fishing buddies, we’ll nail down every detail including pricing options. Your choice of accommodations and activities determine your final costs. We’ll work closely with you to meet your specific requirements and desires. Of course, every adventure varies according to your length of stay, types of activities, and the season.

You’ll be amazed that most of our quotes will be turned around in less than 24 hours. Few other adventure companies can back that claim up with real results. But here’s the most important benefit for you to remember – our services are completely free to our clients. At Sweet Waters Adventure, we have developed contacts around the globe that will offer the lone adventurer, family, or group action-packed days, some of the finest cuisine served up anywhere, and the assurance of comfortable nights. Not to mention enough life-affirming experiences to guarantee a future full of priceless memories. Tell us your dreams. We’ll help them come true.

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