At the High Lonesome Ranch they say
While you’re here, you’ll feel like you own the place.”

When you arrive at headquarters, on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies, you’ll know exactly what they mean. You’ll be greeted by the wide-open cottonwood gates and the green weathered roofs on the wood buildings. Even the crunch of gravel under your tires somehow feels comfortable and familiar. Don’t be surprised if a retired bird dog runs up to announce your arrival. And, most certainly, you’ll receive a warm western-style welcome from the folks in the Lonesome Outfitter as you and your party step inside the screen door. You may even be given the “lay of the land” drawn in the sand with a cottonwood branch.


Your stay will be “exactly as wild as you want,” meaning it can be rowdy and rustic out there and comfortable where you need it to be.  You’ll understand the comfort part as soon as you enter the spacious living room with its roaring fire. Sharing a glass of wine or a tall cool beer with the other guests at happy hour is the perfect prelude to one of the High Lonesome Ranch’s famous farm-to-table, locally sourced dinners that can only be described as wildly delicious. This is the good life, just as life was meant to be on the western slope of the Rockies. Lodgings, which your hosts describe as “western elegant,” are in a category of their own – classy, cushy and comfortable in the western way. Now you’re ready for the wild part. Slip into your boots and get ready to explore the surrounding valleys, fields and mountains.  So what if you take on a bit of dust at the same time? You’re in the West, and it’s time to welcome the rowdy part of your adventure with open arms and an unbridled spirit.


So what if you take on a bit of dust?

you’re in the West, and it’s time to welcome the rowdy part of your adventure with open arms and an unbridled spirit.”


Oh, there’s one last saying they have here – “It’s like having your own national park.”  And by that they mean it’s big – really big! The ranch sits on the spine of the continent – all 408 rugged square miles of  it. In fact, it’s so expansive that you can either choose to be around other folks, or not. The choice will always be yours. At elevations ranging from 4,000 to 9,000 feet, you’ll see an amazing variety of wildlife. You can actually travel from one ecosystem to another, and from one climate zone to another in the space of a single day. You can be in short sleeves down by the corral and need a warm jacket at Picture Rock. Whatever you choose to do here, your hosts will make sure you’re richly rewarded with one memorable experience after another.

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