At one time, I thought travel insurance was an essential part of any fishing trip. I still do, but I am sad to say many of my customers woke up one morning to find that their travel insurance company stuck it to them. For some reason or the other “money,” they decided that COVID–19” was not a justifiable reason to cancel your trip. The fact that the borders we closed throughout the world and for all practical purposes the United States were under a mandatory lockdown didn’t seem to faze the travel insurance companies in the least. From what I have heard throughout the industry and other travel agencies, it was wide spread.

For years I have been promoting Travelex Insurance – I have been telling my customers that travel insurance is worth its weight in gold. Up until the pandemic, Travelex had always paid off on all their commitments. When customers started filing claims for their canceled trips, Travelex informed them that a pandemic was no reason to cancel their trip, and they refused to pay. After weeks of investigation, I discovered that Travelex was nothing more than a shell company. The real culprit was Berkshire Hathaway – one of the largest insurance companies on the planet. When you file a claim with Travelex, the decision to pay or not to pay is made by Berkshire Hathaway, not Travelex. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it is owned by one of the richest men on the planet Warren Buffett.

For the time being, Sweet Waters Adventure is not going to be selling travel insurance. Until I can find a more reputable company, I can’t in good conscience recommend Travelex Insurance to any of my customers. If you have any questions, please call me at 251-633 -6330, and I will be more than happy to help in any way I can.

At Sweet Waters Adventure, every excursion is customized to your unique requirements.

There are no “canned” adventures. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Once we’ve designed the perfect getaway for you and your family or your fishing buddies, we’ll nail down every detail including pricing options. Your choice of accommodations and activities determine your final costs. We’ll work closely with you to meet your specific requirements and desires. Of course, every adventure varies according to your length of stay, types of activities, and the season.

You’ll be amazed that most of our quotes will be turned around in less than 24 hours. Few other adventure companies can back that claim up with real results. But here’s the most important benefit for you to remember – our services are completely free to our clients. At Sweet Waters Adventure, we have developed contacts around the globe that will offer the lone adventurer, family, or group action-packed days, some of the finest cuisine served up anywhere, and the assurance of comfortable nights. Not to mention enough life-affirming experiences to guarantee a future full of priceless memories. Tell us your dreams. We’ll help them come true.

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