Oregon Coastal steelhead trip with Water Time Outfitters: Dates are February 1st through the 8th 2020. The cost is $2950 person for seven nights and six days fishing.
Excellent steelhead fishing

Join us on one of Oregon’s best steelhead rivers and stay in our comfortable lodge right on the banks of the river just an hour and 40 minutes from Portland. Hop in the boat parked in the back yard and fish! When the water is cold and the weather isn’t much better, this is definitely the way it’s meant to be done on the Oregon Coast.  From our North Coast lodge, we fish small, scenic streams with huge fish. Between the fireplace, a great meal and a fantastic night’s sleep, the lodge is your portal to the experience of winter steelheading at its best.

Steelhead fly fishing at its best

This is prime time for Oregon winter steelhead rivers and we have piles of options even with low water, high water and in-between.  We fish the NF Nehalem, SF Nehalem, Kilches, Trask, Nestucca as well as Necanicum river close by.  Our mainstay in January-March is the NF & SF Nehalem.  Here we float through the rain forests of the Oregon Coast where deer and elk are common.  The lodge is right on the NF Nehalem – about 26 miles from the town of Seaside; it is a wild canyon with great whitewater (26 waterfalls come into the canyon on this float) and much less floating pressure than other Oregon rivers.

Steelhead fishing catch

 This is a fishery anglers of all skill levels and mobility can enjoy!  Our fishing strategies vary depending on water conditions and angler preferences.  Our favorite strategy is to swing flies, here the wading is generally easy and smaller gravel bars are the norm.  We also can use indicator strategies where we fish from whitewater rafts with well appointed fishing frames.

Lodge is right on the NF Nehalem

Trip includes comfortable lodging for up to 6 anglers, the guided raft float trip and meals (breakfast day one (of fishing) thru lunch last day). On the boat, we’ll have flies, any additional equipment-rods/reels needed, soft drinks and water. Optimize your rest, relaxation and fishing time with this package that is focused on you, show up for fun and relax!  Nothing beats telling fish tales around the fireplace at the end of the day!

Steelhead fishing with friends

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