With mountain forests, grasslands, spring creeks, and alpine mesas, the ranch is a spectacular haven for wildlife.


Five species of upland game birds inhabit the coverts within the High Lonesome Ranch.  Located on 408 square miles of deeded and permitted lands on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies, the ranch sits on the spine of the continent. With mountain forests, grasslands, spring creeks, and alpine mesas, the ranch is a spectacular haven for wildlife.  A range of elevations, from 4,000 to 9,000 feet, offers the visitor the opportunity to experience multiple ecosystems including mountain ranges and adjoining valleys, each one lush and fertile in its own way. Flanked on one side by Cow Mountain and Horse Mountain on the other, it’s a gradual concave slice in the landscape that beckons exploration. hlr-content-collage-3v2

Walk wheat and rye fields, creek bottoms, and sage and oak-brush flats for rising birds – the wily pheasant, Hungarian partridge, the covey-oriented chukar, and two species of nimble quail. If it’s hard-flying game birds you’re looking for, enthusiasts will quickly discover they’ve come to the right place. The hunts are guided with some of the best dogs in the business from state-of-the-art kennels operated by the award-winning trainers of High Country Sporting Dogs. Your hunt will take place in the wide North Dry Fork Valley, which is comfortably traversed and offers incredible cover for the birds and dogs to do their work.

The skilled guides at the High Lonesome Ranch are all NSCA Level 1 certified shooting instructors. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a pre-hunt warm up at the Five Stand, the prettiest one you’ll find anywhere, at either of the Pheasant and Quail Walk-up shooting courses, or the new Flurry Course. The latter throws 20 to 60 clays per minute from the cliff that soars above the shooting line. High incomers are launched from the top of the ridge, and crossing pairs explode from the sagebrush cover. You’ll experience a great combination of technical and hunting shots, and odds are that, when you’ve finished the first round, you’ll want to shoot a second.


Wake up each morning to a hot and hearty breakfast prepared by the ranch’s own Aunt Linda. You’ll think it’s more food than you can possibly eat, but you’ll manage. And halfway through your morning out in the fields, you’ll be glad you did. Often, lunch arrives before you’re ready to stop, but again, you won’t be sorry. That meal too will be worked off before its time to head back to your comfortable western lodging for a hot shower. Your evening and your time to wind down will begin at headquarters next to a roaring fire. With a drink in your hand, you’ll enjoy farm-to-table appetizers prepared in the western style that has made the High Lonesome Ranch one of the best dining destinations in the Rockies. Smoked pheasant quesadillas are as good as the name suggests, and are a favorite during wing shooting season. Then it’s on to dinner, always a treat at the High Lonesome Ranch, with ranch-raised, butchered and aged Angus beef or local lamb or pork, complemented by ranch-garden or orchard side dishes. After dinner, you’ll want to be sure to take the time for stargazing around the fire pit. Then it’s off to your western-style accommodations and a sound night’s sleep. You’ll want to rise early and get your boots dirty again in the morning. They say it’s just as wild as you want here at the High Lonesome Ranch, and you’ll find out exactly what that means.


408 square miles of land   |   elevations from 4,000 to 9,000



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