Sweet Waters Adventure

The meaning of “Adventure” is as individual as each traveler

At Sweet Waters Adventure, we’ll be your guide, your Sherpa, your fishing buddy and your concierge. Whatever you need. True adventure takes us out of our comfort zone into a new space. We all need adventure in our lives, whether it involves opportunities to explore personal passions, new family activities, extreme sports or the thrill of the chase. Our adventure travel and destinations are as individual as you are. Let us help you blaze your own trail, or you can follow ours.

Fly Fishing

Every international or domestic fly-fishing destination you’ll discover through Sweet Waters Adventure will provide a new chapter for your personal journal of exciting angling experiences.

Wing Shooting

From Argentina to the Colorado uplands, there’s a destination just for you. Plenty of upland game birds, pheasants and quail are waiting to challenge the skilled hunter and dog.

Family Adventures

Families will bond as never before. Whether it’s a Colorado dude ranch or an eco-tour in Patagonia, every family member will learn a new meaning of togetherness.

Hosted Trips

View the world of adventure through the eyes of a photographer, experienced eco-guide, legendary angler or author. Sweet Waters Adventure has something in store for every traveler.

We’re more than a travel agency.

Life should be an engaging adventure that falls outside of the familiar. In lives well lived, each individual explores his own uncharted waters – unpackaged and spontaneous journeys of discovery. Sweet Waters Adventure will design the perfect getaway for you. And that’s just the beginning of who we are.

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A Time to Look Back and Remember

A Time to Look Back and Remember Over the years, I have suffered a multitude of obstacles that prevented me from fishing. Like most dyed in the wool fishermen, I have endured forest fires, the occasional flood, too much snow, and sometimes too little snow and ice in the high...

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THE PARANÁ EXPERIENCE: A COMBINATION TRIP Every year, from August until October, there is a massive migration of sábalo (dorado ́s favorite baitfish) along the Paraná River. This migration starts on the lower stretches of the Paraná river into the upper ones. Following the migration, dorado feed along the entire...

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Accommodations for the Sanibel snook fishing trip.

  Accommodations for the Sanibel Snook Fishing Trip Because the Sanibel snook fishing trip is so affordable ($1,950 for seven-nights, six days fishing), the first question I often receive from a new customer is about the accommodations. No worries, I am not likely to put my beloved customers up in...

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Oregon Steelhead Adventure

Oregon Coastal steelhead trip with Water Time Outfitters: Dates are February 1st through the 8th 2020. The cost is $2950 person for seven nights and six days fishing. Join us on one of Oregon’s best steelhead rivers and stay in our comfortable lodge right on the banks of the river...

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Happy Fourth of July

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, “GETTYSBURG ADDRESS” (19 NOVEMBER 1863) Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or...

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